The Copperfox Boxes

Here is the story behind the iconic Union Jack Copperfox Boxes that the models were packed and delivered in.




Over to Becky for the story of how the boxes came to be...

"The boxes are closed collectors boxes, rather than retail boxes (which would allow people to see the models before they are purchased). For boxing you don't necessarily need to reinvent the wheel so to speak, so we went with the cake box style design which means that the model predominately travels flat when going from A to B. The amount of cardboard used in this shape of box enabled us go with a design that we have been itching to use for years- the Union Jack.

Over the years we managed to incorporate the Union Jack into many Utterly Horses products, from catalogues to adverts, leaflets to pins, but never on this scale. This is big on the impact scale- and we LOVE it! We're a British Company, promoting British breeds of equine, so a British box seemed the ideal way to combine the two and to fly the flag, literally.


Why the name "Jack"? Technically the flag, the one we know and love today, is actually called the Union Flag- but it's more commonly known worldwide as the Union Jack. When a flag is flown from a ship's jack mast, it is known as a "Jack" and therefore when the Union Flag is flown at sea, it becomes the Union Jack. It's possible that due to our Royal Navy and the Union Flag being flown at sea that the name became into common use, and then stuck!

Going back to the Copperfox Box- In addition to the Union Jack drapped over our box, we also have our Copperfox Logo, front and center. It's foiled too, which is hard to capture in pictures, but it's there shining away and being very coppery.

There are also two sizes of boxes- one for the ponies (Welsh, Connemara and Exmoor) and a larger one for the King Horse (Irish Sports Horse).

Boxes 2

I know what your thinking, it's a cool box but so? Ah Ha! This is the really good bit. Over the years we've learnt a few things about model horses and boxing- the rubs, marks and scratches that boxing can inflict on models. What would happen if you could ensure a model travelled as safely as possible, in it's own little soft cocoon? Let's have a little look inside the box... After lifting the lid, you will find a layer of foam, and beneath that is.....

Box opening

Model in box

Each Copperfox Model is cocooned within a nest of foam, ensuring that it always travels as safely as possible. No running around in it's box (!) or having any ties or restraints that might cause damage during transit.

Ish in box


Here (above) is a picture of the Irish Sports Horse in his box so you can see what I mean about being cocooned.

Each horse shape has it's own foam insert."

Also enclosed with each model was a selection of Copperfox literature and information as well as the Certificate of Authenticity for that model, which detailed how many were made. All Certificates were personally signed by Becky Benfield.

Box large


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The Copperfox model Trifle (CF608) had an added extra added to the boxes.

Each Trifle model was sent with a copy of the book 'Katy's Wild Foal' written by Victoria Eveleigh.

Exmoor trifle cf608 w book 580x


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Horse box

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The template for the box design