Copperfox Merchandise

As well as selling model horses, Copperfox also sold a range of Copperfox merchandise.

Photos taken at various Copperfox Tour Events in the UK

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Cooperfox Staff Polo Shirts amd Fleeces were worn by Becky & Sharon at the Tour Events
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Pictures of some of the Copperfox 'pop up shops' at various Copperfox Tour Events in the UK

Tour event

Tour event 2



Copperfox attend Breyerfest in Kentucky, USA in 2016 and 2017. They had a 'pop up shop' in their room at the Clarion.


Bf line up



Becky's fantastic travel bag



Bf 2017

(Yes, the big Union Flag is upside down ... oops!)

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BF 2017


Copperfox Pins

The first Copperfox pin was included in the Founding Fox packs that were sent out after the Founding Fox 'Kickstarter' campaign.
He was a plain Copper coloured

(Picture wanted)

The next Copperfox Pin was available at the UK Tour Events

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Badge uk

For the USA events an American version of the pin was produced



Copperfox Rugs

In 2016 Copperfox contacted The Miniature Equestrian Tack and Assessories to make a collection of Official Copperfox Rugs, these were sold at the UK Tour Stops. They were lovingly handmade to perfectly fit each mould. 

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Pictures of the Rugs are used with Kind permission from The Miniature Equestrian Tack and Assessories

Img 0195e


Img 0196e