Copperfox Gallery

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(Left to right) Sharon, Becky and Jenn at the Grand unveiling of Copperfox at the Utterly Horses HQ
(14th November 2014)

Kelly Sealey sculpting the Welsh Cob at the Utterly Horses Hullabaloo 2013. At the time this was a secret project, Kelly was not giving anything away as to what or where this sculpture was destined for.

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Unpainted Plastic Versions.

Plastic versions



The first Painted Plastic Versions upon arrival at the Copperfox Headquarters.

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The Blank Resins arrive at the Copperfox Heaquarters.


The Blank Resins - from Left to Right - Exmoor, Welsh Cob & Connemara.

Resin versions

Sample models on the Copperfox Tradestand at a British Trade Fair.

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One of a Kind custom painted models on the Copperfox Tradestand at a British Trade Fair.

Trade show one offs

The photos below were taken at the Copperfox headquarters.

Please note - these are Tests, Samples or First 'Founding Fox' versions. There is a range of factory samples, not are all from the same factory. Some are handpainted samples/CM's. The info cards are not necessarily in the right places...











Other Photos from Copperfox

Spring 2016 cf line up

Spring 2016 Line up

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Regular Runs 2017 - Matt & Glossy versions




Unpainted Blanks

Static1 squarespace com 1The Winner of the Chestnut Roan Semi Glossy Test model available via raffle at the model horse festival in Lexington, Kentucky, July 2017.
Becky is on the Left and Audrey the very luck winner is on the right.