Archive Dispersal Sale

When Copperfox announced it was closing it's doors in 2018 they also decided to sell off their large collection of archive models.

For every Copperfox model created, Copperfox produced sample models to ensure the model (colour, markings, finish etc) was correct before production went into full swing. Sample models were held in the Copperfox Archives so they had a record of the all the stages leading up to a production run, including any tests, proofs and models used to sign off a run of models. These unique models were sold through eBay enabling Copperfox Collectors and Fans to add these special and rare models to their model horse collections. It was a chance to own a piece of model horse history, with each model coming with a letter explaining its creation and provenance.

The sales started in late December 2018 and continued into early 2019. Nearly 100 models including OOAK and bodies were
advertised and sold to Copperfox collectors all over the world.

Becky did advertise the whole collection was avaliable if anyone wanted to buy the whole archive.
She wrote "Offers in the region of £10k exc. shipping. The archive is around 95 models and includes samples of "Regular Run" CF models, Prize CF models and Special Event CF models, in addition to the first crowdfunding/kickstarter models (including the pre-samples and original original tests). It also includes the original prototypes for each model produced at our factory (e.g models sent to the factory and what from the plastic samples were created from). All models come individually boxed, with certification and documentation where applicable."

I managed to save all the auction details and photos and over the months since the archive was sold off I turned them into a 'book'. 

This can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

It is a (7.44 MB) PDF file.

Copperfox Model Horses Auction ModelsCopperfox Model Horses Auction Models

Screenshot 2019 08 04 jackie radwanski 2019 pdf version copperfox model horses auction pdf