CF Seconds, Blanks & Bodies

Copperfox also sold models that did not come up to First Quality standards.

  • CF Seconds - Models that were painted at the factory but had some minor flaws which meant they could not be sold at full price. These were Marked 'Second' on the Belly of the model, and did not come with certificates.
  • CF Blanks Canvases - Models were fresh off the production line - cleaned, sanded and then painted white ready to paint. (The first batch of Blank Canvases were 'seconds' that were then primed over at the factory)
  • CF Bodies - Models that were too 'damaged' to sell as Blank Canvases. They may have had more major 'dings' or broken ears/legs etc
  • CF Raw Bodies - Models sold unpainted in 'raw' unpainted plastic straight out of the mould from the factory.


CF Blank Canvas Welsh Cob

Blanks canves group
A Group of 'first batch' Blank Canvases

Marketnight1CF Bodies

Marketnight2 1CF Raw Bodies